The Bass Reflections Show #5

Mixed Live on


1. If I Could (feat. Joe Killington) (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked, Joe Killington
2. Trigger Warning (Original Mix) by Ed Solo, Bengal
3. Latch TC dnb Bootleg by Disclosure
4. Late Nights feat. Seta (Original Mix) by Night Shift
5. Wreck It Down (Original Mix) by Smooth
6. The One (InsideInfo Remix) by Mampi Swift, InsideInfo
7. Rebels (Original Mix) by Tali, Trei
8. All Over the World (Original Mix) by Smooth
9. Parabol (Original Mix) by Doctrine
10. Exhale (Original Mix) by Levela
11. Acid Fashion (Original Mix) by Nazca Linez
12. Just A Thought feat. Reija Lee (Smooth Remix) by Reija Lee, Fred V & Grafix
13. Cold Crush (Original Mix) by Rene Lavice, Gydra
14. Desert Storm feat. Miss Trouble (Original Mix) by Mindscape, Miss Trouble
15. Blood Run (Original Mix) by Memtrix
16. Ember (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked
17. Genesis (Friction Remix) by Tantrum Desire
18. More Than Human (Original Mix) by DC Breaks, Cyantific
19. Whip Slap II (Original Mix) by Dimension
20. Bass Symptom (Original Mix) by Mr. Frenkie
21. Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix) by Pendulum
22. Pulsation (Original Mix) by Mefjus, InsideInfo
23. Metamorphosis (feat. Miss Trouble) by InsideInfo
24. Techno (Original Mix) by Dimension
25. Girl In The Fire (Original Mix) by Pendulum
26. Eclipse (Original Mix) by Sub Focus
27. Oracle (Six Blade Remix) by Croox
28. Terminus (Original Mix) by Metrik
29. Intravenous (Original Mix) by Calyx & TeeBee
30. Burgle (Original Mix) by Ekko & Sidetrack
31. Love Has Gone (Original Mix) by Netsky
32. Of The Ice (Original Mix) by Memtrix
33. Bad Omen (State Of Mind Remix) by Neonlight
34. Reborn (June Miller Remix) by Delta Heavy
35. Reach VIP (VIP) by Tantrum Desire
36. Strobot (Netsky Remix) by Shameboy
37. Strobe (Dimension (UK) Club Remix) by deadmau5
38. Twilight (Original Mix) by Rene Lavice, Faye Derbyshire
39. Below Us Feat. Shaz Sparks (Smooth Remix) by Shaz Sparks, Seven Lions
40. Slam (Original Mix) by Pendulum
41. Aum (Original Mix) by Toronto Is Broken
42. Species (Original Mix) by TC, The Prototypes
43. Elevate (feat. Miss Trouble) (Original Mix) by Muzzy, Flite
44. Drop It (Original Mix) by Rene Lavice
45. Wolf Trap VIP (Original Mix) by Mob Tactics
46. The Odyssey (VIP) by Drumsound & Bassline Smith
47. Know Your Name (Original Mix) by Chase & Status, Seinabo Sey
48. Must Eat (Original Mix) by Mefjus, Zombie Cats
49. Higher (The Prototypes Remix) by Netsky, Jauz
50. Gravity (Original Mix) by Delta Heavy
51. Right Here, Right Now (Friction & Killer Hertz Remix) by Fatboy Slim