The Bass Reflections Show #8

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1. Get Free (Andy C Remix) by Major Lazer
2. Bring Back The Summer (feat. OLY) (LA Riots Remix) by Rain Man, Oly
3. Reflection (Original Mix) by Zombie Cats
4. Mankind - V.I.P Mix by DC Breaks
5. Iron Heart - Original Mix by Netsky
6. Nasty (Spor Remix) by The Prodigy
7. This Way Up by Toronto Is Broken
8. Bass Telescope (Original Mix) by D'Silva
9. Pull The Sun Down (Original Mix) by Spor, Linguistics
10. Invaders Must Die (Killbox Remix) by The Prodigy, Killbox
11. Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix) by The Prodigy
12. Duppy Man feat. Capleton - Original Mix by Chase, Status
13. International (Dimension Remix) by Chase & Status
14. Dream Killer - Audio Remix by Cause4Concern
15. Masochist (Original Mix) by Pendulum
16. Workout (Original Mix) by Andy C
17. Pressure (Original Mix) by Beat Assassins, Ragga Twins
18. Click Clack (Original Mix) by Deekline, Specimen A
19. Vybez (Original Mix) by Tantrum Desire
20. Need (Original Mix) by Abis, Zombie Cats
21. Poke the Bear (Original Mix) by Lynx, Rene Lavice
22. Higher (Original Mix) by Current Value, Bou
23. War feat. Dread MC (Original Mix) by Night Shift
24. Feel Your Pulse (Mind Vortex Remix) by Camo & Krooked
25. In The Night (feat. Sullivan King) (Original Mix) by Muzzy
26. Elevate (feat. Miss Trouble) (Original Mix) by Muzzy, Flite
27. Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix) by Pendulum
28. Big Tune Again (Original Mix) by Calyx & TeeBee
29. Crowd Reaction VIP (Original Mix) by Dimension (UK)
30. Gaucho (Original Mix) by Culprate, Joe Ford
31. Witchcraft (Pegboard Nerds Remix) by Pendulum
32. Vapor (Original Mix) by Zombie Cats
33. Tardis (Original Mix) by Matrix & Futurebound
34. Ice Cold VIP (Original Mix) by Turno, A.M.C
35. Levelz (Original Mix) by The Prototypes, Mad Hed City
36. Where We Go feat. Doctor (Original Version) by Doctor, Calyx & TeeBee
37. Listen To The Sound (Kursiva Remix) by Filip Motovunski, Mikkim, Mc Spee
38. Yim Yam (Teddy Killerz Remix) by Doctor P
39. Creatures (Audio Let It Roll VIP) (Original Mix) by Audio, Prolix, Nuklear
40. Tarantula (Original Mix) by Pendulum
41. Ruckus (Original Mix) by Bad Company UK, $Pyda
42. Mr Happy (Original Mix) by DJ Hazard, D Minds
43. War Is Over Feat. Harry Shotta, Example & Erb N Dub (Erb N Dub Remix) by Dynamite MC, Krafty Kuts
44. A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix) by Calyx & TeeBee
45. Arcade (Original Mix) by Magnetude
46. Into Dust (Neonlight Remix) by Noisia
47. Eternal And You (Muzzy Remix) by Koven
48. Don't Just Stare (feat. Danica B) (Flite Remix) by Clark Cables, Danica B
49. Stay with Me (Original Mix) by LA Riots, Ayah Marar