The Bass Reflections Show #4

Mixed Live on


1. So Fucked by 4 Kuba featuring Lonedog
2. Transitory - Original Mix by Ways & Means
3. Whos in Control (Infiniti Remix) by Dave Berg
4. Return 2 Sierra (RVMPD) by Darth Vader Vs Mt. Eden
5. The Evil Voice - Original Mix by Destroyers, Viperx
6. Kalma by Dj_Isy
7. Gravelmuncha (Distortionz Remix) by DJ Quest
8. Painkiller (Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought Remix) Mastered by Freestylers
9. Everybody by Hoffman
10. Rise Up (Original Mix) by IG88, Ribs
11. Headcharge - Ribs & IG88 Remix by Backdraft
12. Ear Fracture - Original Mix by Freeflow 45
13. The Slammer - Affinity Remix by Freestylers
14. Critical Systems - Da VIP Remix by Kid Digital
15. Booty Jiggle - Keith MacKenzie And DJ Fixx Original Mix by Sporty-O
16. International Wingman - DJ Fixx And ILL DJ Chris B Original Mix by Sporty-O
17. Black Beatles (Keith MacKenzie and Fixx Flip) by Rae Sremmurd
18. Doors (Original Mix) by Bombo Rosa
19. Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix) by Beach Boys
20. Girls Money Drink & Drugs feat. Ivory - Control Z Remix by The Breakfastaz
21. Beat Breaking Boy by Stanton Warriors
22. Burning Up - Original Mix by Peo De Pitte
23. Lucid Dreams (Pegboard Nerds Remix) by Mat Zo
24. Conflict-Sky Drone Remix-Dj Master by L3x
25. Feel It - Destroyers & Aggresivness Remix by Kid Digital, Kyla
26. Fraction by Hoffman & SaVannaH
27. Shoulderroller (Original Primate Remix) by Darkus, Tension, D'State
28. Meltdown (Freeflow 45 Remix) by Bill Vega & New Decade
29. Addiction (CHRIS CARTER mix) by Aquasky
30. Kickin Rhyme Steady(Autobots Remix) by Unbalanced Jack
31. Get Down (Breakfastaz Remix) by Koma & Bones
32. Redemption (Eshericks Remix) by Kiwa
33. I Am Sweet feat. Pablo Decoder - Ctrl Z Remix by Dylan Rhymes
34. Die Tonight (LA Riots Remix) FINAL by InnerParty System
35. Mantra - Original Mix by Vent
36. Bolt Action by Triage & Jaden
37. Louder by Dub Elements
38. Beat Myself Up - Original Mix by Plump DJs
39. Back To The Old Jack - Eshericks Remix by Freerange DJs
40. Peace by BSD