The Bass Reflections Show #7

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1. Shall We Begin? (Original Mix) by Mind Vortex
2. Hopelessly Addicted VIP (Original Mix) by Hamilton
3. Don't Look Back (Original Mix) by Cyantific
4. Levelz (Original Mix) by The Prototypes, Mad Hed City
5. Click Clack (Original Mix) by Deekline, Specimen A
6. Pressure (Original Mix) by Beat Assassins, Ragga Twins
7. Buckfast (Original Mix) by Mob Tactics
8. Ice Cold VIP (Original Mix) by Turno, A.M.C
9. Ice Station Zero (Original Mix) by Kill The Noise, Bad Company UK, Matt Zo
10. Mantra by Noisia
11. 360º (Original Mix) by Dub Elements
12. Bass Symptom (Original Mix) by Mr. Frenkie
13. Go Deep (Night Shift Remix) by Gorgon City, Kamille, Ghosted
14. IN 2 U (feat. She Is B) (Flite Remix) by Reid Speed, Frank Royal, She Is B
15. Cargo (VIP) by Dossa & Locuzzed
16. Paradigm (Original Mix) by Trei
17. Colour In The Shadows Feat. Benji (Original Mix) by Benji, Cyantific
18. Dancing (Extended Mix) by Friction, JP Cooper
19. Vault (Moby Remix) by Pendulum
20. Live Another Day (M&F's Smoke & Mirrors Mix) by Matrix & Futurebound, Alex Hepburn
21. All Over the World (Original Mix) by Smooth
22. Mullholland Drive (Original Mix) by Legion, Logam, Legion & Logam
23. Don't Preach Me (Under This Remix) by Nerve
24. Still Grey (Original Mix) by Pendulum
25. Glitterball (D'Silva VIP Remix) by Sigma, Ella Henderson
26. Don't Think It's Love (Mind Vortex Remix) by Dr Meaker, Romaine Smith
27. Bom Bom (Ed Solo VIP Mix) by Woofax, Brukout, Josie Radix
28. Creeper feat. Skibadee (Original Mix) by Break, Skibadee, Critical Impact
29. Acid Fashion (Original Mix) by Nazca Linez
30. Poke the Bear (Original Mix) by Lynx, Rene Lavice
31. Unexplained Phenomenon (Original Mix) by Fourward
32. Higher (Original Mix) by Current Value, Bou
33. Vybez (Original Mix) by Tantrum Desire
34. Memory Lane (Kanine Remix) by Levela, Coppa, Kanine
35. Watercolour (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) by Pendulum
36. Intravenous (Original Mix) by Calyx & TeeBee
37. Remnants Feat. Karina Rampage (Original Mix) by Toronto Is Broken, Karina Ramage
38. Invaders Must Die (Killbox Remix) by The Prodigy, Killbox
39. Body Movin' Feat. ShockOne (Original Mix) by Cyantific, ShockOne
40. Elevate (feat. Miss Trouble) (Original Mix) by Muzzy, Flite