Bass Reflections #2 - Live on

Recorded live during our first twitch stream. Starting out with some bouncy breaks and then heading into Drum & Bass smashers.


1. The Day Before (Original) by Quadrat Beat
2. Zap Box (Original Mix) by Pyramid
3. 1961 (Kid Digital Remix) by UFO Project
4. Got That Booty (DYN Mix) by Huda
5. Let Me Hit It (Keith MacKenzie Remix) by Sporty-O
6. That's Sick (Original Mix) by Pray For Bass
7. Bad At Parties (Remix) by Freerange DJs
8. Put The New Needle (Colombo Remix) by Aggresivnes
9. Fuck The Feelings (Original Mix) by Pray For Bass
10. Gunna Be Mine (KL2 Remix) by Si-Dog, Bradley Drop
11. ME AND YOU (Original Mix) by TCUBEPROJECT
12. M.F. Breakbeat (Original Mix) by UFO Project
13. Gunna Be Mine (KL2 Remix) by Si-Dog, Bradley Drop
14. Gunna Be Mine (Keith MacKenzie & DJ Fixx Mix) by Si-Dog, Bradley Drop
15. Move Up (Original Mix) by Aylen
16. Gotta' Beat The Best (Original Mix) by DJ Hero, JDOUBLE
17. Girls 'n' Money (Original Mix) by UFO Project
18. Bass Shaker (Original Mix) by Defkline
19. Gotta Believe (UFO Project Remix) by Deekline
20. Got That Booty (Original Mix) by DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie
21. RAWK! (Original Mix) by DJ Icey, Omega Squad
22. We Must Unite (Original Mix) by Under This
23. Protest Dirty (Original Mix) by 601
24. I Am Sweet feat. Pablo Decoder - Ctrl Z Remix by Dylan Rhymes
25. Blow (The Bomb) - Affinity Remix by Deekline & Wizard, DJ Fresh, Ivory
26. International (Skrillex Remix) by Chase & Status
27. Speakerbox (feat. Lafa Taylor) feat. Lafa Taylor (Original Mix) by Bassnectar
28. Boss Mode (Original Mix) by Knife Party
29. Bulls On Parade (Team Awesome Remix) by Rage Against the Machine
30. Nuclear (Album Version) by Zomboy
31. Goin' In (Skrillex "Goin' Hard" Mix) by Birdy Nam Nam
32. Give It Up (Original Mix) by Knife Party
33. Rumble (feat. G Double) by Pyramid
34. Jaguar Paw VIP by Specimen A
35. Rose Colored Bass (Bassnectar Remix) by David Heartbreak
36. Ragga Bomb ft. The Ragga Twins by Skrillex
37. Skull 'n' Bones (Original Mix) by Zomboy
38. Thursty (Original Mix) by Bassnectar, Craz
39. Internet Friends (Konec Remix) by Knife Party
40. Adrenaline feat. TigerLight - Original Mix by Dodge & Fuski
41. Do You Rock? (Original Mix) by TC
42. Make It Rain (Original Mix) by Delta Heavy
43. Abyss 2015 by The Prototypes
44. Pop It Off (feat. Mad Hed City) by The Prototypes
45. Let It Roll (Original Mix) by Smooth
46. Empire by Spor
47. Drone (Original Mix) by Smooth
48. Hostile Universe (Original Mix) by Trei, North Base
49. Kill The Silence Feat. Ayah Marar (Original Mix) by The Prototypes, Ayah Marar
50. Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix) by Valentino Khan
51. Lights Out feat. David Boomah (Original Mix) by Rene Lavice, David Boomah
52. Whip Slap (Original Mix) by Dimension (UK)
53. Rio (Original Mix) by Netsky, Digital Farm Animals
54. City Of Gold (Extended Mix) by The Prototypes
55. Virgo Cluster (Original Mix) by Smooth
56. Get Free (Andy C Remix) by Major Lazer
57. Hot Right Now - Camo & Krooked Remix by DJ Fresh Feat. Rita Ora
58. Through The Night (feat. Tom Cane) (Club Mix) by Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Tom Cane
59. Reborn (June Miller Remix) by Delta Heavy